2021 Smart Cities International Conference 9, SNSPA: Smart reuse of digitalisation, the case of energy efficiency

2020 Smart Cities International Conference 8, SNSPA: Data -the foundation of a smart approach

2019 Smart Cities International Conference 7, SNSPA: Charter for the Smart City

2019 SEEDIG 5, South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance: (S3.2) Dealing with the challenges of online content

2019 SIDI School on Internet Governance, Digital Policies and Innovation: Disinformation, public discourse and democracy in SEE

2019 European Space Talks: A Chat – about Romania and the Moon

2019 DigitYser, Data Science and Climate in Belgium – BxlDS S05E05: Joint European efforts to mitigate climate change through the Copernicus program

2016 EDRi Privacy Camp: Lobby X-Factor